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spoonboy – the mamas and the papas lyrics


i will be with my mom at the end of her life-
as i know that she would be for mine
it’s not obligation that leads me to say it
it’s just how i intend to spend the time
no person who gives out a part of themselves
will ever be truly forgotten
these parts will change hands
and they surp-ss lifespans
alive as long as they are p-ssed along
i remember the parts p-ssed to me
and after she’s gone
i will remember my mom
my mother sat like a book on the shelf
through the cold autumn years of her life
replaying her memories like a tape on repeat
over and over in her mind
she’d always been the kind of a mother
who would put others before herself
this much i know
there were men in her life
who took well advantage before they got up to go
imagine all of your memories of mistakes that you made
played over in your mind like the loop of a tape
do my mother’s regrets, for which she lost rest
do they keep you awake at night?
could you tell me that father?
do your memories haunt you, sir?
or are you content with what you left behind?
i will be with my mom at the end of her life
but sir i will not be for yours
you’ve done nothing to earn it and frankly
you don’t deserve it, so you won’t be receiving that reward
there are people who’s names are p-ssed down generations
and sir, yours is not one of them
consider it a consequence of a mistake that you made
for which there will never be amends
how is that for a memory to keep you awake?
there are parts that you gave to me
but there are parts of us all, i think
that are better off left behind
there are parts of us all that are better left to die