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squad five-o – they’ll never take me alive lyrics


i walk the line, its’ all i can do to live my life, i stand accused
there comes a time when you must decide are you dying to live, or you living to die?
baby come on, it’s all right
things go better with a little bit of rock ‘n roll
when you live on the edge you’re always aware that you are only one step from the fall
so raise your fist, rebel resist
don’t give up your dreams just yet
don’t believe the lies that you’ve been told
take my hand, together we’ll stand our ground
and make ’em understand, no matter how they try
‘they’ll never take me alive.’
conviction lies in the heard of the youth
salvation’s fond in what is true
life leads to death and death leads to life
and all men must die to be alive
well it’s a tough road baby
but one that needs a-walkin’
and it’s only tough as if goes
and as you start down if you realize
that it’s you and me against the world
so tell me why they try to break down our will
it won’t be broken, it won’t be shattered
i walk the line and i always will
they’ll never take me alive