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ssg splurge – 45 lyrics



i go outside shining, diamond’s
quick sh+t, i can made a dime off rhyming
she brick sh+t, she can make a dime off rhyming
we flip sh+t, like a gymnastics scholar
i get a b+tch, not digging ’em [?]
yo’ hoe ride d+ck like a real stick, patna’
go check them perc’s we be mixing ’em
uh, fentanyl cut get them boys a lil higher
these n+ggas know not to play the messiah
they think its dead, lets go send a reminder
beef with n+ggas like me, it get timeless
we’ll come and gеt you right before a n+gga dying
cut n+ggas time short and cut n+ggas linеs
come with the guns, switch sh+t like designs
he might be young, snap sh+t like collage
boy, we hit sh+t, n+ggas shootin’ [?]
we send chest shots
know we’ll send a couple headshots
i got more guns than david crockett
pull up shoot sh+t like i’m john stockton
wrestle yo’ b+tch like i’m bret hart
i take her out of that telfar
all my hoes [?] like they rosa parks
water and stripes like a tiger shark
my b+tch she tweak like she caitlin clark
bullets come out like they baby darts
i let her ball like she play for the sparks
she fillin’ up d+mn near like 80 carts
don’t f+ck with me, you ain’t gon’ make it far
cause we’ll smoke you out like a jamaican car
you can play dumb, play that sh+t smart
when it’s smoke, give it out like a gift card
but we dumpin’ sh+t, put n+ggas in water
got my hand on this b+tch like i’m vince carter
if she ask for some money i stiff+arm her
b+tch you better off paying for mentoring
pull a string on all of these guitars
diesel jacket, i’m fresh out of bikermart
i been bombing sh+t, they think its isis war
with that chucky chain i need an ice award
if you come around my n+ggas its ice galore