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st vincent – the forest awakes lyrics


the forest awakes

the forest awakes
a desert at dawn
a mountain at night
and the rhythm moves on

the people awake
they’re marching along
the streets are alive
with a terrible song

forwards and backwards in every direction
the abs’ perpetual motion
the shifting of light on the banks of the river
i’m free, but i’m keeping my clothes on

i’m marching along
the street where you live
i’m calling your name,
the song is a gift
the song is a road
a road is a face
a face is a time
and a time is a place
a place of relief and a time of confusion
the heart is a simple equation
with beautiful words and with beautiful people
the heart is a face, is a mountain

a fruit that falls before it’s grown
i heard a sound and a bird has flown
it breaks to pieces above the forest
a million particles born today
out beyond the blue horizon
air cannot escape
underneath the weeping willow
i can see your face
free-form, climbing all over me
creatures great and small
doctors pulling them out of you
hideous, virtuous, both of us

come in my kitchen when it rains outside
sweet inspiration sneaks up from behind

forest is true
i know for a fact
the bigger the front
then the bigger the back

my heart beating still
through the perilous night
the bombs burst in air
my hair is alright
the shifting of light on the trees and the houses
i drown in an ocean of perfume
the strangeness of words
how the meaning keeps changing
but somehow the beauty will find you

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