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stack bundles – hustler’s lyrics


how we goin turn down free money? even tho it’s a risk, we get knocked u make enuff dough u can free money! 2 us moneys’ lyk winnie pooh with honey, lyk jimmy choos 2 hunnys, lyk lil kids & sunny delight! right, we all delighted to have it. but we know to much of anythings considered a habit. u should tell that to the attics. who? us, we just count it add it, hit the dealer get a lii features added. call the contractor, get extensions on the attic. it comes from bad but we use it for good causes. why your friends wristes can’t glisten like u all did?

we almost got it under control, just a lil more grip. i promise we goin stop, just one more flip, please! and them chirps & kankoo sh-ts was cute. bt ya’ll deserve one more trip. sittin on the sh-r-s of the waters of the cayman. sippin vase waters to cute bottles that came in. moon like s-x how quick ya’ll came in. we know it’s starting to sound like gaming. bt this is all reality all we got is us. sh-t, ya’ll even used to wild with us. used to help us trap, wat happen to those days? instead of tricking we shuda been stacking in thos days.

the money c-m fast ya’ll help us spend it. we grow distant, ya’ll don’t wanna help us mend it. so quick to throw it all away. when we invest more than a 41k. this ain’t a career. it’s benefits in our lifestyle. but what we really care about is our wives smile. ya styles’ a reflection of ours. to reflect our love we buy cars, furs, diamonds, lil candles, whining, music from cici & mario winan. and we don’t really wanna let ya’ll down, come on ya’ll can’t leave us now. we need ya’ll!