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starr lyfe – i can’t breathe lyrics


another year same problems tho
why they hate us so much & be honest bro
black people dropping like dominos
that’s why we burning sh+t down f+ck it everything gotta go
we tied of this sh+t it’s been 400 years
peacefully protesting shedding bout 400 tears
& it got nowhere
cops still like f+ck them ni6gaz
we here to serve & protect everything but them ni6gaz
black lives matter huh ?
but not to them
cops k!ll a brother & we just say not again
h+ll nah homiе
now it’s time for sh+t to burn up
& plus we been stuck in the housе we bout to turn up
we tried to use words but the world wouldn’t listen
now every business on that whole block missing
i ain’t condoning the looting but yeah i get it
y’all k!lled too many of us & now we trippin

i heard you say freeze
but on my neck he got his knees
officer i can’t breathe
(aye get this m+th+f+cka off me)
all lives matter yeah duh we knowing that
but they forgot about us cuz love they ain’t showing that
cops are supposed to be the ones we call when we need help
but really tho we need to call the cops on they d+mn self
calm down officer i ain’t bread the law
i’m tryna get my license & he tryna break my jaw
& i don’t even know why he pulled me over for
speed limit 35 & i was doing 34
i’m in that all white beemer but my skin color black
& that got that ni6ga mad
he got his gun pointed at me while he checking out my tats
i even flinch he gon blast
& that sh+t sad
we gotta change it for the better
we all unite as 1 & we can change this sh+t together
however if violence is how we gotta speak
f+ck it .. no justice , no peace uh