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static res – barclay lyrics




you can’t play behind the arc, aye
i pull up, i play the mid-range
said them bygones they some dead weight
and that’s why they love to spectate, aye

whole session like a soundscape
cul de saq, we cool as that, aye
i went midwest ain’t look back, great
family time lets me clear head sp-ce

yelling don’t do something irrate
when my phone was on that drought though
i was at the crib making plays
i been at it since the tenth grade, woah

when i pull up out of barclay, i been swinging like the back nine
those heroics got you sold, aye
guess i got it all from barclay

do what you told when you young
fore i wasn’t always froze, aye
hot head, man i just let the angst
get to me, i got one way, i got one way
baby, i’ve got one way

(verse 2)

i be simple ain’t too complex
left the bag up in apartment
but i’ve got one for the road, yes
when i drop it be like code blue
i see duffles, had to collect
you can’t check me, go through both legs
you like sinning just to forget
i kept winning in the focus
when i pull up out of barclay
when i pull up out of barclay

yelling don’t do something irate