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stazthehokage – buttercup (feat. nerd angeles) lyrics


[ verse 1: stazthehokage]

yea am i’m light skin
baby, i am night wing
stones on my finger
i can show you how your night ends

snap to the snap
like i’m thanos with the
call me iron man
cause i bring metal mosh pit

yea i’m off it
yea i feel nauseous
look at my vans
baby don’t dance
no durags cause my curls
don’t end

putting no bling on my car aye
yah didn’t know i’m a star aye
bringing fire to the for-est
kick you in your jaw chuck- norris
rock lee kick with the lotus
i’ve never been so focus
hit you with the hocus pocus
catch me in the bible
with moses

[chorus: stazthehokage]

n-gg-s really b-ttercup
you don’t got no game

but you know about my name
and you jokers auto-aim
i got clout with no fame
builder pro n-gg-s
i’m about to bring you pain

[bridge: stazthehokage]

i don’t feel no b-tter aye
no cocain don’t bother aye
i don’t do no mary jane
cheese on pizza is pretty plain
girls be thinking i’m pretty lame
cause i like white girls , everything
they so sweet like candy cane
need a white girl like mary jane

[verse 2: nerd angeles]

i beat the p-ssy
like i hate it, uh
sippin the drink
till i’m faded , uh
i’ll stomp your head into the side of wall
to let you know that i’m dangerous, uh
gta v
don’t get wasted, uh
she thinks she fly
but b-tch basic ,uh
i cut it off
now she jaded, uh

(chorus + screams: nerd angeles, stazthehokage)

aye n-gg- watch where you step
next one will lead you to death
most of your shots h-t the floor
like a narcoleptic n-gg- gripping a tec
he better play a good hand
before that n-gg- get decked
i got a good grip on lucille
i might swing at his neck
watch how i grip on the check

i got a blank mind
ain’t sh-t i could find
i’m breaking rules
ain’t paying no fines
they talkin sh-t
ain’t paying no mind
i’m dropping mines
naw i’m dropping bombs
b-tch, i’m a leader
i lead the battalion
i’m getting the green
ain’t talking bout scallions
i like my bread and my b-tches italian
i like my bread and her booty brazilian

she giving head
that lady is brilliant
crown on my head
the jewels is trilliant
i traded it back
for a better finish
i just powered up
you n-gg-s is finished
you talking big
now you diminished
that sh-t got my name
the seal is permanent
me and my b-tch
gotta me at the firmament
that p-ssy pearlescent
but act like a termagant aye