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stephen duffy – i love you lyrics


you, you’ve got a funny way of saying h-llo
and a pocketful of undisclosed dreams
you paved my way to helpless nerves
and no one gets inside your jeans

now don’t mention the blur
at the merest hint of her

i love you, you don’t know
how much i love you
and how that crush is a blow
you don’t care about me
and how i care about you

once before the world became serene
the hands of love pushed me away
but soon you will reject that scene
for acts of love and p-ssion plays

let’s improvise
a perfect world without the lies

with your wristful of chains
and your fistful of change
i hope that you get through
now you think your dandy pose
goes with my bas-m-nt clothes
what made you change your view?
maybe it’s my loving tongue
the ecstasy from which we swung
(i’m your lover in a world of dreams)