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stephendoesdrugs – part 3 (quitting) lyrics



track boomin on metro shit, i dont need to impress your b-tch
all this weed, getting flex we lit, got snookie saying that i slept on it
where the water grows, gotta stretch that bridge, alot of n-gg-s f-cking slept on this
“deathofsocialmedia” is out, you need to go check that shit!

call my bro like go check that list, sleep on us, you can check that fist
diamonds dance, you can check that wrist, lemon tea, let us sip that brisk

we gaining fame man!
yo stephen whats the game plan?

bag it up and go sell that work, ill sell my soul before i sell this verse
gimmie 10 thousand, ill sell my shirt, only bought myself cause these n-gg-s ain’t dirt
whatsup with this industry? youll n-gg-s ain’t gettin me, youll ain’t gotta sign me cause my fans still gon’ listen to me

most of these rap n-gg-s, they fake, im a big fish, youll n-gg-s is bait
better keep it real, fore’ you n-gg-s get ate, you chillin monkey, my n-gg-s is apes

nah youll can’t feel me
man youll can’t feel me
say youll can’t feel me
this industries tryin’ screw me


light a match cause your shit stinks!
the way the world is everybody thinks that they f-cking got 9 d-cks, 9 kids, acting like they gotta show how to hock and spit
and not get hit, while talk to b-tch, not get hitched, cop the rich, hypocrites, flip the script, lit lit lit, steal the whip and get the digits, k!ll the witch

me? im tryin to say k!ll the rich, dont do drugs but i got pills to flip
married to the game like i f-cked your b-tch, heard that before? yeah i bet you did
ink sack of the squid got euclid fix, you f-cked ken when you see the barbie left the crib
going crazy like the mother f-cking fostered kids, just saw there mom dead off the meds

off the bed? off the bed? im off the walls, im off and on!
i often got my whale hat on, when my alb-m vs niagara falls
got cherry bomb in the deck playing, death grips next, ride saying
“such a long way down!” like he witnessed it, lost boys in the crusifix, i quit

soundcloud can suck my d-ck, f-cking 9 year olds posting crazy shit
like everything their sayings not counterfeit, everything along with moneys f-cking counterfeit!
run with this, lil uzi this, lit, rap, got the gat
12571 look us up, you can tell from the farms that were f-cking thugs