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stizzy – freestyle 2.0 lyrics


y’all f-ck with my style like i do to ur b-tches
i know i’m the sh-t not exactly like fesses
ain’t scared of this rappers who acting like critics
dnt care if u short or u big with some t-tties

life is too short man i cannot be whack
u can’t be a rapper u can’t even rap
u can’t be a trapper u can’t even trap
stick to poet those are facts

ignoring the hate coz i know i’m the best
murder 1 murder 2 sh-t whose next?
call ur gang call ur crew murder u all ama start wiff you

same mic same studio buh we not the same
better writer better flower stizzy thts the name
f-ck the world f-ck p-ssy and they both came
swagger dripping sh-t wetter than the harricane

dnt force ma words i let em flow
keep it real i keep it raw
u dnt feel em let em know
she full of drama?
let her go!!

whose got the bars?
oh yes it’s stizz
always high in love wiff weed
sh-t is good oh yes indeed ×2

been gone for a while buh i still lead
i want beef buh different breed×2
y’all good in groups buh i’m better off solo
wiff ma crew more better than all y’all
y’all too weak a bunch of orios
y’all got bars?
oh h-ll naw h-ll naw

savage n-gg- pretty face
if i want it ama take
ma sh-t real urs it’s fake
k!lling rappers piece of cake

good wiff ma words b-tch i’m lyrical
rhymes are the greatest they clinical
no one can beat me in rap in trap
even when i say it’s physical

b-tch i’m a dog not like animal
beating the beat leave it critical
behind this bars like a criminal
back in the game swear this sh-t gon be surgical

u ain’t ma n-gg- then i’ll diss u
sh-t’s too real so bring real tissue
diss ur gang to me not an issue
ill flow ill swag bars are sick too

spread the word out stizz is back
tell ur whole crew that futsek
if they ask why say thts tht ×2

b-tch i’m on point like a brand new nail
never gonna loose never gonna fail
like a dog dnt step on ma tail
behind this bars don’t need no bail×3

use a feature like a bait se coming sorry for the wait
se coming sorry for the ooouuu