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story one – disposable lyrics


i’ve been smiling for so long my face is starting to hurt
me mark me.
i’ve been pushing boulders up this hill it seems for so
so long, i don’t know which way to turn.
give me ten minutes to pack and get dressed.
ok, five minutes to stop feeling so depressed
why is it all disposable?
well, in the end no-one’s got time.

so i’ll write it in a song, disposably moving on.
i’ve been saving seconds for so long,
i’ve started ticking, sticking, i don’t know which way to
and i’ve been lying six foot under since i wished
i had six foot, six foot, six foot more.
take down these limits there’s not so many left.
and ok, these minutes they won’t let you forget but
they’re not disposable.
and in the end no-ones got time.
so i’ll write it in a song disposably moving on.