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strawbs – changes arranges lyrics


strawbs – changes arranges

it’s a warm summer’s evening and it’s been a beautiful day
but the sky is getting darker in a special kind of way
i’m antic-p-ting something, think it’s going to be ok
’cause tomorrow will show me what i can’t see today.

oh those changes arranges like the warmth of the storm
it says (?) change comes to cool us and you know it can’t be wrong
evolution rules us from the moment we are born
so just blow with the wind and the warmth of the storm.

change is three white horses, one creates and one maintains
and though the last one is destructive, it can come to ease your pain
’cause you’re caught up in the wheels of life, you can’t escape
you just try to resist it, you know the force is far too great.

everybody gets them, it’ll catch you if you run
you know you never can escape it, can’t you feel it’s got to (?) go
sometimes something will tell you that you just can’t stay this way
even though it has been a most beautiful day.