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street trill – susan (don’t go away) lyrics


don’t go away, b-tch
i never knew that i could be so sentimental
and i’m just feeling like maybe my heart just got crushed
and now my whole world turned upside down, girl
don’t be scared

[verse 1]
my b-tch licking my d-ck
she playing with my nuts
she pinching them tight
and with a little bit of luck
i’ll be beating that -ss all night
until the morning f-cking light

but of course when i tell my homies i’ma get it in. (what happens?)
something’s always gotta happen
she’s at the olive garden again. (what she eatin’ mane?)
eating chicken marsala with her friends
ignoring my texts, flashing her br–sts
to guys on the inside
i can f-cking be that
suck her p-ssy and finger f-ck her -ssh0l-
stick my nose up in that gaping hole
and now i blow a rocket of blood
like a creamy f-cking alien (???)
with her f-cking tubes tied (???)
aids and gonorrhea up in her uterus
i’m feeling around because i love you, b-tch

i’ve gotta get it with you
i’m trying to kick it with you
it’s all the same, don’t be scared
i’ve gotta get it with you
trying to smoke some crack with you too
because you’re my b-tch, now take my itch

i’ve gotta get it with you
susan is crack to my heart and my tush
i’m trying to kick it with you
and when she talks, my diseased d-ck turns to mush
i’ve gotta get it with you
i cherry popped her at the cemetery, b-tch
trying to smoke some crack with you too
now i’m dumping her body in a big ol’ ditch

[verse 2]
f-cking b-tch. stupid b-tch
susan, i loved you so much
i didn’t know what you f-cking wanted me to do
you f-cking told me this, you told me that
you were leading me all around town
what do you want from me?!
only after a little while can i take so much
i’m gonna beat your f-cking -ss after that

that spells out krogner: king of the dead
he’ll rise out the ground with blood in his mouth
and a rock-hard d-ck for that stupid susan b-tch
he’s walloping and beating on hoes
who be making pimp’s lives miserable
he grinds and bites, he c-ms twice a night
and he’ll make sure you don’t have a use for your eyes
he wants to f-cking rip those thighs
and you deserve it, for breaking my heart
i will f-cking dig the f-cking grave
and remind you, i go both ways
did you really think you could outsmart me?
god’s looking down at you and laughing
god, but i love you. i f-cking love you

[hook x2]