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strokes – sagganuts lyrics


in at the top of the tower
it was a water hour
i won’t be back and it’s just over
knowing something else,
i reacted to the owner
the only thing i’d seen with my eyes
he said

(run, run, run!)
as fast as you can run or you walk
to give you all some more because you just can’t talk to me
(run, run, run!)
well didn’t you know i was yours?

i’m going on my way
i’m tired of all the ends
all the ends, ends, ends
and she protects us all in the end
and i said
i’m stuck, but i can walk to work! oh yah!

i’m bringing down on tuesday
wednesday, i pay for it
i gave it up
to what i said
leave me in peace
he said

(run, run, run!)
as fast as you can run or you can walk
she give you oh so much because your war wont talk
(run, run, run!)
but i said that was yours

i’m tired… all the ends
all the ends
bringing back to my thumb
when i said i was right
but she protects her son standing right there
on the edge
and now its tough
but i go out to work
to put bread on the table