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sturgill simpson – welcome to earth (pollywog) (cowboy arms sessions) lyrics


h+llo, my son
welcome to earth
you may not be my last
but you’ll always be my first
wish i’d done this ten years ago
but how could i know?
how could i know
that the answer was so easy?

[verse 1]
i’ve been told you measure a man
by how much he loves
but when i hold you
i treasure each moment i spend
on this earth, under heaven above
grandfather always said god’s a fisherman
and now i know the reason why

[verse 2]
and if sometimes daddy has to go away
oh, please don’t think it means i don’t love you
oh, how i wish i could be there every day, na, na
’cause when i’m gone it makes me so sad and blue
and holding you is the greatest love i’ve ever known
oh, when i get home it breaks my heart to see how much you’ve grown
all on your own