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stvnxoxo – bushido brown lyrics


dont hit your -ss where the door hit
dont make it look like a forfeit
you gonna look like a tourist
that, or like, rap’s abortion
dont talk about how you’re working
that ain’t half as important
that ain’t rap, thats annoying
you gonna be sad, just record it
people are paying attention
this is the main event, yeah
i mean, you ain’t even really gotta say sh-t
just make sure it bump when you say it
that’s okay, that’s okay, kid
don’t let them hate cause you made it
but dont hate yourself cause you ain’t sh-t
why are goodbyes animated?
wise the guy that be waving
goodbye when the plate’s been aten
go ahead, engineer your happiness
actually live it instead of rapping it
and they’re gonna be mad when you come back at it
no, they ain’t gonna be laughing then
they’re gonna be cold like aspin
but see, that don’t even matter
see, its more than being a rapper
be happy, soul on a platter