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stylesz – do to me lyrics


n+n+n+n+n+n+no (n+n+n+n+naw)
oooo, noo (n+n+n+n+no)
oooo, noo
mhh, look

i’m left with a fragrance
and no conversation
oh i see how this goes
you only a player
no i ain’t hating
just hope i could change roles
heart full of scars
and i ain’t scared to share it
hoping you see thru these eyes
i see thru yours
and, i see that you’re troubled
so i just gotta know why
can’t we be just more than a vibe
i wonder why
i can see the pain in your eyes
you try to hide
your on+ly
is sh+t that ain’t good for your mind or your spirit
something about you it got me here trippin’
knew it would be this when we started kissin’
patience girl…
i have to keep…
my momma always told me
this ain’t gone be thе only
but one day you gone find it
ain’t sh+t about it phony
+harmonic scatting+

nevеrtheless you said, you said
you meant, you meant it
my head, my head
got me gone
all these feelings, these feelings
you did it, you did this
babygirl can we turn this thing around
can we turn it around please
can we turn it around please (but one day you gone find it, ain’t sh+t about it phony)
can we turn this thing around