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supa dupa humble – steppin (feat. mills supreme) lyrics


[intro: supa dupa humble]

yeah, i don’t know, i don’t know
i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know

[verse 1: supa dupa humble]

cuz i’m steppin’ on my toes, but i don’t stop
i make flips out of my flops
my swag drippin’ out my socks
with the crips so i don’t pop
plus i am your pops
cause your mom jut let me pop
and i got the top
boy i left that p-ssy hot
gave her h-lla c-ck, shot it up
like that p-ssy black and i’m a cop
watch that p-ssy drop
hop back in the whip, took off
swerving down the block
world trade center i am not
but i’m blowing up like isis
cause i am the nicest
baby girl, ya mcm go two ways like a sidekick
i see my future booming
n-gg- i am a psychic
people don’t wanna see me bus
tell den please don’t fight it
light it
way way way
all my b-tches down in jay-a-ay
dont play-ay-ay
pull up wit the dutty a-k-k
and spray-ay-ay
make you dance and do the nay-nay-nay
and yo no say they only know me by my aka
supa dupa, with the cooper troopers
dem mon dem nuh fraid fi shoot ya (dddaaahh)
sh-lling make an atheist go worship buddha (ddaaahh)
call my n-gg- ‘haha davis’ boy you finna daah
i am not the guy, cuz im stepping on my
steppin’ on my, steppin’ on my
steppin’ on my, steppin’ on my
steppin’ on my, steppin’ on my
but i don’t stop

[verse 2: mills supreme]

yeah, look
stepping on my toes but i don’t yell
i got ya hoe and i don’t tell
look i don’t know and i don’t care
i just run through the money
like i’m zoey dollaz yeah
look at my flow, whoa
like a cup of foldgers for the ear
ok now stop it
you ain’t all that so stop it
all this swag in my genes
and i ain’t talking bout pockets
n-gg-s is swagga jackin’
they wondering where to cop it
she tell me that she love me
i step back harder than harden
now i’m out here stepping on ’em
stepping on ’em, stepping on ’em
stepping on ’em, stepping on ’em
stepping on ’em, stepping on ’em
but i don’t stop