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supared – reconsider lyrics



thank you for your comments but i don’t care at all
those are not my style
keep the weird conclusions you always try to tell
throw them all aside

you say you never compromise
you wanna live in bigger size
but even big isn’t great enough
let me tell you there’s a heaven above

well! here`s a point of view why don’t you ease your mind
search the turning point inside
well! consider once in a while about your selfishness
see the turning point inside

i remember the old times when you were open wide
thoughts on a higher ground
but then one day something changed your mind
your breath got cold at night

you saw a man dressed in white
his voice said don’t try to hide
i give you all that money can buy
you lost your grace, you’re buried in lies


you saw a man dressed in white…

you say you never compromise…