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superhero – no capes lyrics


[verse 1: dj ghost]
edna mode flows
in an iphone rose gold
the lyrical vigilante had to make an appearance
cuz they slander black women on the timeline daily
so superhero had come check the disrespect
cuz capitalism and colonialism got ya mind confused
thinking that your views should be held by you
they destroyed our culture
so we had to make a new one
then they appropriate it
just to make a couple bucks son
cuz cream still rules everything around here
the dream is to have a woman
by your side
as long as she’s number two
she can be your boo?
women are not objects
you don’t need be so fragile, man
then marvel at these profit lines
most (of) they sales made online
and still wonder why black widow don’t have a toyline
so middle finger to wall street
and f-ck the patriarchy
and tell clark kent that they need a superhero with
no capes n-gg-
no capes
no capes n-gg-
no capes
f-ck a hook

superhero whaaaattttt

[verse 2: apollo]
in a white washed world
i still park it parallel
gotta wear my double veil
just to stay up out of jail
white man smoking dope
and somehow got a cooking show
while my n-gg- tryna speak
he got arrested for his soul
affluenza ain’t influence
but they wanna p-ss out nooses
when they put us all in ruins
why they always actin clueless
but still calling n-gg-s stupid
put your money in the students
since you got so much accruement
i just wanna see you prove it n-gg-
money isn’t power
it just only gives you options
harder to be upset
when you arrive by helicopter
able to chase your dreams
when you not getting chased by coppers
with government sanctioned choppers
pointed at your culture’s daughters
mothers sons brothers fathers
privilege got ‘em unbothered
but complain about dishonor
you more loyal to a flag
you a part of problem
supremacy can’t halt me
i can be a superhero with no capes

edna mode flows
edna, edna mode flows