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supreme thekid – punchline king lyrics


steve on the beat he be doing too much
i don’t f+ck with your sh+t
ah hey uh ya ey
ah hey uh ya ey
uh ya ey

[verse 1]
i got 99 problems cause i thought she the one
boy my back is always solid when i’m with my day ones
but i got some day ones i ain’t spoke to in months
but it’s cool, no smoke, police come through and we run
trigger happy with my gun, yeah i got that russian roulette
boy i missed what you said that means i’m faster than a bullet
on her knees, give me head until she chocking and she puking
i’m disgusting like the internet when it’s going stupid let’s go
mathematics, solving all my x’s
turn my x’s into y’s like i’m tryna pose a question
don’t waste your expression, we not on algebraic
n+gga i think i am certain when i say that i’m back at it
it’s that welfare, hot as the devil h+ll yeah
send these rappers to a creche told the aunty take care
i’m baliwelfare
give these n+ggas a scare
i’m the punchline king oh you gave me a dare?
[verse 2]
i got my money right, but she still left
sick with the flow, medication set
please check my profit cause they ain’t pay me respect
yo you better pay attention oh i forgot you in debt
i need a toilet cause i got some new sh+t
and i don’t need a female dog cause life is a b+tch
i watch these n+ggas like how i watch my watch on my wrist
these n+ggas’ jokes is bad like skips’ cousin quips
make her ass clap, like it’s proud of my d+ck
i separate myself from the fake like the gap in my t++th
yes i run the game, but i ain’t a athlete
i’m all up in your face like them cosmetics
all these n+ggas they just wannabes
like how they copy my big brother steve
i don’t sleep boy cause i’m living my dreams
she broke my arms cause i wear my heart on my sleeves
and i’m the punchline king hoe
let’s go

steve on the beat he be doing too much