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suzanne vega – lightning lyrics


lightning struck a while ago
and it’s blazing much too fast
but give it rain of waiting time
and it will surely p-ss
blow over

and it’s happening so quickly
as i feel the flaming time
and i grope about the embers
to relieve my stormy mind
blow over

shaken this has left me
and laughing and undone
with a blinding bolt of sleeplessness
that’s just begun
and a windy crazy running
through the nights and through the days
and a crackling
of the time burned away
burned away

now i feel it in my blood
all hot and sharp and white
with a whipcrack and a thunder
and a flash of flooding light

but there’ll be a thick and smoky
silence in the air
when the fire finally dies
and i’m wondering who’ll be left there

in the ashes of the time
burned away
burned away