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sway d (스웨이디) - cool life lyrics


break storm (break storm)
time’s comin’ up, now i go wild (go wild)
chasin’ my grind, die or soar high (soar high)
trippin’ in my vibes, skies, now i dive (now i dive)
face to face, sending super paradise (paradise)
i tryna make waves for my life (for my life)
look how i stay alive (stay alive)
i dedicate all in, love my (love my)
wasting my time as i grow high (grow high)
our times (out times)
everyday i try to survive (survive)
my wrist iced (wrist iced)
where hopes iced (hopes iced)
rise, my great spirits never diе (never die)
chеck out my bedroom’s five+star skyline
b+tches never commin’ here now, only you and i
feel like sippin’ on some wine? (on some wine)
run till sunrise? (sunrise)
just talk about us (talk about)
our good times
good things, i think of good things (good things)
i’m coolin’, chase bigger, better cool things (cool things)
i’m chasin’ maf+ckin’ my new dream (new dream)
i’m chainsmokin’, bust down my new chain (new chain)
what a f+ckin’ cool life
what a f+ckin’ cool life, cool life
my view’s super high, skyline (skyline)
calm before the storm, silence (silence)
outside (outside), f+cked up siren (siren)
kept my promises, even when the view got (view got)
hazy, vision narrowed, eyes closed then wide (then wide)
so fly, my life a f+ckin cool vibe (cool vibe)
my mama’s laughing watching over, 두아이 (두아이)
my sight’s a high rise like dubai (dubai)
i livin’ this f+ckin’ super cool life (cool life)
new timeline, it’s f+ckin’ goodbye (goobye)
wake up, new day’s with sunrise (sunrise)

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