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swishahouse – words from a g lyrics


[lil’ keke:]
dedication to real street n-gg-z man
ah-huh, words of a g
get your notepads out, y’know?
first thangs first, we internationally known
worldwide connected and locally accepted
tell you the truth man
some of you n-gg-z wouldn’t be sh-t if you was sittin in it
it’s time to put all marks in they place
mack or die, go hard or go home
sh-t or get off the pot gangsta
sheeeit, n-gg-z got the d-ck look right now, y’know?
what makes you laugh makes you cry
y’know you gotta be politckin in theese streets to qualify
n-gg-z crumblin every time they open they motherf-ckin mouth
but y’know, we gon’ sit back and do what we do
swishahouse, gettin money, stay true