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switchfoot – rise above it lyrics


“rise above it”

another couple kids with their heads on top
just another stranger just another plot
another track home where the city streets stop
just another kid with another bored cop

just another lemon into lemonade job
just another rust and dust facade
just another key stuck broken in the lock
just another scarecrow choking on a cough
oh come on!

it all feels so typical
guess i’m looking for a miracle
rise above it
i don’t care what their telling me
we could be what we want to be

rise above it

listen up loud listen up listen here
just because you’re running
doesn’t mean that you’re scared
just because it’s law doesn’t mean it is fair
never let another tell your soul what to fear

here we go again give it one more try
don’t believe the system’s on your side
just another lover turned enemy fight

just another blood and nicotine sky
oh come on!

it feels so difficult
guess i’m looking for a miracle
i get so sick of it
it feels so counferfeit
i rise above it
rise above it

hear our voices rise
hear our battle cry
we’ve been under the curse
with our arms raised high
hear us sing tonight
like the last night on earth
we will rise like the tide
like dead men
coming back to life
we are rising
turn it up now, listen loud and clear
just because you’re present
doesn’t mean you’re here
oh come on!

let’s rise above it
we can rise above it