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swizz beatz – that oprah lyrics


[viva la vida plays… ]

[swizz beatz:]
u know… i’m just feeling real good
i woke up this morning and said
i wanna be like erm… you know!

michael jordan, tiger woods, i’m try’na get that oprah [x4]
[repeats “oprah” x13]

[verse 1: swizzy]
lamborghini’s, no gallardo’s
riding round, full throttle
murcielago’s, look at my lights
god d-mn they look like goggles
she, she look like a model
i travel far, mami
i’m in dubai, abu-dhabi with bugatti’s mama!


[verse 2: swizzy]
red enzo, a million bucks
look at my seats boy, they sewn like a tux
louis this and gucci that
that’s, that’s on my back
my paper this, my paper that
why you think that they looking like that?

[viva la vida plays]

you know when they, when they know you got the paper
they be looking real funny
(where they at) [x3]
they wanna pull out a black card
i’m a pull out a golden express card on ’em
fly on ’em cause

[chorus: minus oprah x13]

[verse 3: swizzy]
bill gates, steve jobs
iphones, microsoft
my paper is very long, your paper is very soft
i am a big boss
boy, get lost
my new basquiat
h.o.v know what that cost


[viva la vida plays]

we just having fun
it’s like new york got all scared and got all serious
it’s like we can’t make no fun records no more
you dig? i’m here!
10 years in, i can do what i want now
who’s on the phone?
ya know what i mean (who?)
tell ’em i’ll call ’em back (ya know what i mean!)

that oprah, that oprah
that steve jobs and bill gates
that oprah, that oprah
that steve and that billy gates