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sainte catherines – va donc chier!! lyrics


we are the band you love to hate,
it’s alright cuz we love you.
sh-t talking is still killing me
but not more than my jealousy.

what was i doing last night?
i was sharing some drinks with friends
i love more than love.

our smiles might be made of beer but at least we can
still call them real.

when you are too bored to even sleep,
the problem becomes alcoholism.

we all wanna get the f-ck out
but who’s going to find enough cash
to say: “f-ck money”?

a kiss on your right hand
means more than thanks.
a life dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll.
do you still call it “not serious”?
we all know there is something else
than this stupid way to live.

va donc chier! [x2]

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