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semosa – ~t r i p~ lyrics


[pre verse]
yuh yuh yuh
yuh yuh yuh
yuh yuh yuh

shawty on the phone
she ring me all day
she can’t leave me alone
don’t answer like sway cause my -ss ain’t at home
turned off her id and now it say unknown
what? huh?

f-ck out my way
f-ck our my way ay
f-ck out my way

f-ck out my way
today is a good day
gimmie that kitty to play
shawty is pretty and she say okay uh
now it’s my time to slay uh

ya ex is my next
i send her a text
say im tryna flex
so she opens her legs
still countin the checks
still stackin the stacks
we havin s-x while we poppin on x

trip when i walk
that’s why diamonds come out of my mouth when i talk
roll up and spark
light up the dark
y’all should’ve been f-ckin with me from the start

but u did not
now i got a lot
and u gettin got
right here on the spot
watch me fire the shot
from the glock
to the top on the block
and still a n-gg- ain’t gettin caught by the opp

[pre hook]
i just ate a bean yuh
you can watch me lean yuh ay
blowin up steam yuh
trippin like a ay
trippin like ay
lemme get that back right here
lemme get that back
yuh yuh
i got this sh-t right here
yuh yuh

i just ate a bean yuh
u can watch me lean yuh ay
blowin up the steam yuh
trippin like a
trippin like a
trippin like a dream
yuh ay b-tch
yuh yuh ay b-tch
ay ay ay

take a step to the back
got a .40 wit the bullets in the mag
p-ssy n-gg- where u at
i keep the hunnids in a rack
and about a ounce in the pack
but u don’t know where it’s at
ye u don’t know where it’s at

[verse 2]
a n-gg- stay unseen
on the scene ye
all my n-gg-s trippin on lean
b-tch its 2018
wake up out of ya dream
no one gives a f-ck bout ur team
n ur b-tch want a n-gg- who clean

but n-gg- u dirty
stepback in ya face like im curry
with one sec left on the clock
and u jumped to block
but u did not
and i made the shot

flex so hard when i grind
now its time to rewind
watch me flex wit the ice n u blind
cause it shined
phone don stop to

if u dont mind
i will f-ck ya lil hoe from behind
when you call it’s declined
cause ya hair is unlined
and ur clothes not designed
sh-t its bout time i get signed

feel dead
like ya head in the winter
it’s definitely wet when i enter
you only play ball cause u tall back up center
take long like a printer
my name gettin bigger

f-ck ya girl and f-ck on ya sister
then bounce fore’ they fall in love wit a n-gg-
come to close n i pull the trigger
you stuck to the ground like a sticker
if you not quicker

diamonds they wet to the top
you better stop
before u get dropped
should watch out where u hang
fore we pull out that thang
and let it bang

gang gang
gang gang
gang gang

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