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seraphim – deep lyrics

holy eyes in the night, look through the bright sky
encircle in the twinkling of an eye, chase it around the afterlife

illusiveness, the cope of night, ambiguously, betrayal of your mind
p-ssing through the evil dark side, the moment of metempsychosis

deep sleep in endless ocean, sail into the p-ssage of time
amazing daydream will come true, entreat to my lord, commend my soul

moving so fast from night till dawn, moulded the sorrow in the night
the fire burn had imp-ssioned me, anguish surrounded me isolated

painful day never ends, abandon myself
dye my heart to sunset far away, suddenly back again

resurgent, sin heavily, finally living in h-ll on earth
no regret, bl–dy rise and fall, my rebel soul into fiction

deep in the mental rapport, all i can see is the universe
my heart was lost in evil, the thumper whirlpool, drown in a flash

- seraphim lyrics

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