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shawn mullins – joshua lyrics

joshua was an old man his beard like mountain snow
and when i was a boy we’d have jam sessions
i’d sneak off to old sharptop with my guitar i would go
when i should’ve been in school learning my lessons
and he’d sip a little moonshine and i’d smoke a corncob pipe
we’d pick all day until our fingers bled
right around supper time i’d run home in the night
just in time to get a whoopin from my dad
my friend josh would tell me pickin won’t pay the rent
well i set out to prove him wrong in time
and i don’t guess i can recall all the hours that i spent
just beatin on that old flat top of mine
me and my friend joshua lord we must have played em all
and i got where i could put the old man to shame
but i don’t guess it ever seemed to bother josh at all
he still loved to pick em just the same

oh________way back when
he was 65 i was 10
and i will never be as free______again
oh________way back when

the summers flew by quickly as josh and i spent our time
writing words to songs from memories from his past
he’d tell me about the way it was and i’d find the perfect rhyme
and i couldn’t believe how he wrote our songs so fast
and i never knew an old man so full of life
the love we had was so hard to explain
and i remember how the tears fell when he spoke of his late wife
and i’d give him my 6 string to ease the pain


and in late november i knocked on his cabin door
and i knocked and knocked but joshua never came
i still remember how he laid there on the floor
and i went home a cryin in the rain


oh________way back when
he was 65 i was 10
and i will never find a friend like him again
oh___________________________way back when
oh___________________________way back when

- shawn mullins lyrics

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