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skindred – the healing lyrics

in addy ghetto where the shots dem bust off
yoots dem duss off jump in addy car and dem just take off
beg we no beg from we hungry we thirsty
done a man life and we nah show no mercy

but thats the way the yoots they are going on every day now
they will blow you away and if you
asked dem wha gwan dem have nothing say
everyday these tribulation revelations
every day we feel it all read it all
now every day ah revelation
whether brixton bradford or birmingham you know we need a solution
and i know
nuff ah dem no put down the knife
nuff ah dem der yoot deh they don‘t live long life dem no live long life
we see it every day hussle dem ah hussle
like dem lose dem sight
is like dem lose dem way
start thinking now
unity man dat run the place
raise your st coz your born to win
we dont care bout the colour of your skin at the start thats where we begin
well every day ah tribulation

- skindred lyrics

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