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snap dogg – i’m trippin lyrics


[verse 1]
i was chillin’ with my b-tch, we was gettin’ high as sh-t
f-ck around and start trippin’, i was thinking about a lick
then i called my twin told him bring the f&n
he said he already got it, make sure you bring your friend
he say i see you in about ten, we met up at the coney
seen an old head with a cuban and a rolley
n-gg- run that sh-t, you better not make a move
he tried to run back up in the coney with his food
i seen my brother shot him, so i shot him too
get that cuban and the rolley, f-ck it, get the money too
i was trippin’ hard, f-ck the white and blue
[?] we gotta go, before we end up on the news

off a whole gram of molly, and my b-tch think i’m trippin’
now i’m clutchin’ on my forty, all i can think about is drillin’
i hate f-ck sh-t, slap a b-tch n-gg-, kill a snitch n-gg-, rob a rich n-gg-
i think i’m trippin’, i think i’m trippin’
[verse 2]
[?] call me sosa, he said we about to take over
gotta keep that b-tch on me
cause they gonna start hatin’ on me
so i walked outside with my mac 10
some n-gg-s rolled up on me sayin’, “snap you shot my man”
so i upped my sh-t and let off about ten
then they pulled off, now they got me on ten
hopped up in my sh-t, then i peeled up
pull up on them n-gg-s seen they mans bleeding out
that’s what you get for acting tough
you about to end up like your mans
dropped out the whip, blew those n-gg-s like a fan


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