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sometimes never – awake lyrics


i remember innocence
like it was yesterday
like it might come back to tomorrow
i remember being so small
nothing mattered at all
the years seemed to last forever
if only growing old was just a dream

i am awake
till the silence comes and peacefully i sleep

i remember mom and dad
and all the good times we had
the way i felt protected from all harm
i remember knowing it all
feeling so in control
i thought that nothing ever could go wrong
if only growing old was just a dream

days go by
the foundation is cracking
days go by
what was strong is now lacking
days go by

i am awake
i am awake
i had hoped i was living in a bad dream
i’d wake up to the world i once knew existed
if only i could shut my eyes and fall asleep
control my dreams and put myself where pain is nonexistent

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