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sometimes never – seasons lyrics


i sit all alone
buried in the wake of what i’ve done
twisting and turning but can’t escape
i am entangled in my own web
i only seem to long for things when i cannot have them

i look deep inside
deny the hunger that i find
pleading and bleeding but can’t obtain
i am forever a malcontent
all the things i long for never cherish once i have them

i call out for summer when my body freezes
i beg for the winter when i begin to melt
i pray for the rebirth as fall comes to take away
i wish it was over as spring is born again

i wish i could accept the hand that has been given to me
start to take hold, appreciate, and find some stability
but every day i find myself getting bored, wishing for more
why must i always strive to have the spring when i’m in the fall

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