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sonoak – you are good lyrics

when the noise and clutter’s all cleaned up
you can see the things you couldn’t feel before

you could be told a million times
but no one’s ever gonna change your mind
how could they?

no one sees all the love they got
no one knows all their love at once
outside of moments and songs

but i have something now to say
you know that’s just clutter in the way
of all the good

you are all good
(you are all the good)
just by wanting to be good

when you say “that wasn’t me back there”
what you mean is “i don’t want that to be me… anywhere”

all the forces put in motion
acts like a domino effect
an entropic noise and clutter
gives an illusion that that’s it, just an ugly clutter

but just as a face, it can betray
all of the beauty in your soul
such is the case with human action
there’s no reflection in this world pristine as its purest origins

i know it’s difficult to break through
sometimes you can’t will yourself out
just by virtue of your wanting
to be the good inside yourself, try anyway

don’t resent another’s clutter
try forgiving every ugly scene
i swear, when their guards down they whisper
“i don’t want that to be me”

you are all the good
they are all good
you are all good

- sonoak lyrics

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