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sophie moleta – geneve lyrics


“take it” she said.
“i can feel you’re cold
it’s not normal
she said “take my warm”
and she does and she lets it in
and she takes it
it comes rushing in
and little by little all the pieces fall
together to make her
life a whole
and she sleeps
the air comes to kiss her skin
to relieve her of the depths she’s in
and she wakes she bathes
she sees her skin
and she’s proud of who
she really is
and if you feel tired and you wonder why
it’s because you’ve got something
buried inside
let it let it go
be who you are
be free with who you are
and she’s moving through this field of gold
like a chat noir an eagle a polar bear
“take it” she said
“this precious thing it’s yours to keep you’re arriving”
and she does and she lets it in
and she takes it
it comes flooding in
and her blood becomes red again
and geneve is all it could have been
and kissing you
with that taste in my mouth

- sophie moleta lyrics

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