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spiffyuno – dcoded lyrics

rappers think they superman when they hit the mic
i’ll leave a pool of blood, if i show up with my krypt tonight
mr. south central anything for the cash man
thirsty for the money robin people with a batman
i’ll pull up to the scene you won’t know what car we in
smile like joker, while i’m f-cking on your harley quinn
and she had -ss, if i was you i would be mad…
yeah i swear i hit record but she was blinded by the flash
hit her with that death stroke, now she got a awkward stance
she was wetter than atlantis, thought that i was aqua man
whale, i can also say she good with her blow whole
gorilla grod her -ss, then light a cigar like lobo
bar for bar, i’m a beast i’m a headhunter
bars outta this world that’s martian man hunter
i got the crown and can’t n-body take it from me
if they try that’s a dead man walking solomon grundy
i call my goons john henry with the hammer
and these b-tches come and go like magic that’s zatanna
what happened to the kid i used to be mellow
it won’t mean turn left if i use this green arrow
i’m not backing down from nothing i’ll step to ya
picture la as metropolis i’m lex luthor
in so many ways i prove i’m a different breed
boy i’m popping i’m a sickle, cold as mr. freeze
all these new rappers is f-cking up the picture
who want it with the kid i see question marks, riddler
how they hating they can’t comprehend my language
my flow got a dark side i been chilling with raven
people all up in my business roommate
the minute they start talking i’m a bring them to they doomsday
i told y’all from day 1 i’m a k!ll em’ watch
my n-gg- k!lled this beat he need to change his name to k!ller crock

- spiffyuno lyrics

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