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splash de – damaged lyrics


swear you from the bottom, but was spoon fed pudding
always had that voice behind you
to us that sh-t sound so new
telling you what’s right, what’s wrong
behind you was a n-gg- playing along
childhood consisted of people that doubt
life so boring only thing to do was leave the house

sports couldn’t be considered
we worry if tonight we eatin’ dinner
no heat in the winter
csi looking for k!llers
sh-t was like a flash couldn’t happen any quicker
drunk neighbors, you could hear the liquor
lady pregnant cause she said she was a snicker
going through a struggle couldn’t bare a bicker
drop the b-ss this sh-t getting dimmer

ain’t no way around it
i’m stingy i won’t allow it
that money i won’t announce it
king de? come and crown it
power? yeah i found it
my voice? can’t live without it
them threats? yeah i count it
5 star? i wasn’t touted

only way i’m moving up is by the stairs
f-ck an elevator skipping up…
i’m the heir different pairs, i don’t care
i didn’t know what wealth was til it was lost
fake friends and basketball go together you gone get crossed
sh-t so different here the end is near
apocalyptic tear
greek predicted this year
bet you need a beer
pressure build from a peer
always asking for a hand out sh-t would never come out my mouth
intertwined in your -ss and your snout
you swear i got an accent but my mind not from the south
rain is pouring but my city is still in a drought
tryna lead but you in the f-cking crowd
smoking loud read aloud anyhow

i’m living in an accident, cl-ss dismissed
society if you want to succeed you’re an activist
still an advocate
one more 365 and i’m gone like jigga said
“either love me or leave me alone”

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