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steve harley – irresistible lyrics

i wish you could be here
i’m sitting in my vest
it’s easy to reach here
no geography test

and there’s a confession
i’m writing to contest
the truth i’ve heard
since i was small

i’m having a good time
i’m doing it all twice
i’m happy to be here
we’re learning to survive

i’m easying my conscience
by putting it on ice
it’s so cold, it’s so cold, it’s so cold
and getting colder

one thing i know
truth can be irresistible
one thing i know
truth is the key, happy to be
so ir-res-ist-ible

it’s lovely to be here
the people are so kind
i’m talking to soldiers
they’re picketing my mind
i’d rather be simple and think like a child
don’t read the papers i take as i find

they’re building a new town
there’s rubber in the streets
the children are playing
there’s no trick and no treats
let’s walk in the sunshine
this is paradise in heat
it’s so warm, it’s so warm, it’s so warm
it’s getting warmer

repeat chorus:
i’m going to rest now
the thunder has died down
i’m hoping for peace now
i’ve had it with this town
we’re learning to handle
a weapon we’ve found
it’s so warm, it’s so warm, it’s so warm
and getting warmer

repeat chorus:

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