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steve wariner – i’m your man lyrics


(sam hogin/bob regan/steve wariner)

girl i’m not a saint and i’m a long long way from perfect
and i’m a hand full of trouble but i ‘d like to think i’m worth it
yeah i know i drive you crazy i’m hyper and i’m lazy
but admit it girl you love me like i am

i’m your man i’m your boy
i’ll give you grief i’ll bring you joy
i’ll be right there when you want me
even sometimes when you don’t
i’ll be your hero with a halo
be your zero or your scapegoat
i got the goods i got the stuff i got the plan
i’m your man

when you tell me jump i’ll ask how high baby
you say absolutely positively i say maybe
when you cry i’ll just hold you
and i’ll never say i told you
you know it’s my pleasure it’s my job

i’ll set you straight when you stumble
sing your praises keep you humble
and do the things that no one else can do


- steve wariner lyrics

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