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steve wariner – welcome to this world lyrics


the telephone rings i grab all my things
and i take off down the street
the old man on the corner must have started kind of early
tryin to rake up something to eat
i toss him a dollar cut across to the market
ain’t got a lot of time to waste
there’s two men yelling at each other at the counter
getting up in one another’s face

welcome to this world this crazy crazy world
welcome to this world my crazy crazy world

my brother-in-law told me that the baby came early
and everybody’s doin’ just fine
the elevator door it opens third floor
so many relatives of mine
i walked up to the window it took me just a minute
to find the last name there
that tiny little angel she can’t hear me
but still i gotta say to her

repeat chorus:

heading home in the night i swear in my sight
is a man on roller skates
he’s got a llama on a leash crossin’ the street
man only ’round this place
i see up ahead lights flashing red
another threat streets closed here
but freedom rules and you know we refuse
to live our lives in fear

repeat chorus:

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