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strong arm steady – on point lyrics


i’m… on the front line, i keep my grind,
crime looking sporty from the barber shop
fresh air jordans cause i bought the lot
since… snitches like they call the cops
cause the big sp-ce ships in the parking lot
call me an astronaut,. broke gas… on a hammer rock
slimmy name, mini… skiny and freel,
but the booty was bigger than a telephone wheel
gallop like a horsy gotta a n-gg-r hot and h-rny
but you know a lot of tricks won’t you come do it for me like
… if you beat my hum…
they ain’t got income for sp-wn, that’s why most n-gg-rs born
let me take you out… a new place every morning like…
… if you beat my hum…
i mean… i’m just trying to have my money
i’m… on the front line, i keep my grind
it’s just flirt, it never said p-ssy
all i do is ask but what is you gonna do for me
cause it don’t never really hurts just to ask
i’d rather f-ck money up, p-ssy don’t last
yeah but i want it all the roles, the house
… big nuts in the holes, mouth
i come back if i ever fall off, she better have some dope which she’s calling short…
you ain’t a real,. can’t get them on, talking to the,. but you can’t get it right
when you’re f-cking with a pimp, put your hand in your pocket, ain’t nothing but…
count it, ain’t nothing worse than being broke
craving that smoke on a black… c-ke
every time you see me i’m riding something bigger
i’m pipping these holes, why you f-cking up n-gg-r?
you b–tch
i’m… on the front line, i keep my grind,
… respect to my n-gg-rs…
but in vegas b-tches won’t respect the…
hands to be, something symbolizing that you get money
the hommie juice got screens 20 inch on a hummy
you got the s5… but the… look funny
… make the… b-mmy
my roy never singing know how you crossed country
my roy singing… knocking off…
now you can check my resume i just took the trap today
that was just a week ago, now you think you’re tiny ray
… i pack the sh-t and go away
the gates is so you look like you stopped for the late show
it’s easy to get into making dope, i mean it
i… got you.
i’m… on the front line, i keep my grind,
yeah, like stacy adams.

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