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super dee tha kid – sportscenter lyrics

what’s good it’s the kid super dee
i’m ’bout to go in

i got two 4’s, mac 11’s and 28’s
special so i’m known to keep a.38
and with this.38 i knock down 38
and have your first 24 on the first 48
you see i’m hot and i’m cold something like a heat glacier
and i stay in charge super dee a dictator
beating lame n-gg-s up call me super joe fraizer
in a enzo whipping it like i’m speed racer
heart dark like a oil stain pump under the hood
pop the trunk so i can go and get a oil change
good grip on the 5th never do the recoil thing
6 feet under have you eating topsoil mane
we all know you -ss you keep saying that you nice
boy you better come right or get kimbo sliced
you saying that you better got me rolling like dice
punchlines just scratching at heads just like lice
put stacks on your head ’till the price is right
if you don’t like the kid we just gonna have to fight
jab left hook right jab jab then a nice block
hit you with a ice rock turn you into a cyclops
have you n-gg-s blinded by the chain like stevie
on your ray charles i’m hot you can’t see me
this right here is a freebie
beast inside me something like the pokemon eevee
super dee yeah i’m on your radio and tv
n-gg- i’m a beast believe me i make it look easy
shoutout to prettyboy and eazy
your girlfriend wish you could be me
n-gg- ima bag her got fame like mick jagger
super dee tha kid rhymes sharper than a dagger
a proud stiff pompous walk it’s called swagger
n-gg- i don’t want your girl you can have her
shooting game like kobe shots i call it
horse -ss n-gg-s better stall it
on my sunny b ima ball ’til i fall it
always keep a.40 on me super dee a alcoholic
like jay-z with the tek i’ll have you falling
shots ringing off the hook it’s death calling like

(series of machine gun shots)

ok back to this rap sh-t
and i’m on some trap sh-t man i’m bout to clap sh-t
in a casket make a n-gg- take a nap sh-t
put the.45th to your lip just like chap stick
like i’m in a poetry club i’m bout to snap b-tch
leave a empty sp-ce in your face just like a gap b-tch
blood leaking out your dome like tree sap b-tch
tell f-ck n-gg-s that the beast is back b-tch

- super dee tha kid lyrics

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