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supernatural – adventures in babysitting lyrics


my name is jennifer parker
and these kids are my… crew
were in a lot of trouble

and im not sure what to do
see it all started when our made in switch
role our lives to the parents
cuz shes gonna be a real witch
kids snock out
the kitchen caught fire
the car got toad
all that because shes a liar
now these bad guys are chasing us
my horse is died
i got a tattoo
keep this one slime
these school is ruin my life
my job my reprentation
and if we never get home
im gonna need a vacation
but no matter what i dont wanna be a quitter
i care about hese kids beacause im a babysitter
hold just a moment not a great scoop beacuse its ona try a loop
an least everyone is tired at movies in our living room
the kids snock out
i aint gonna clue
yeah thats true
ok i meant i dont follow orders
im not good at kids
and im not good at school
it wasnt my plan to steal a car
or and up with jail taking it this far
buts its true i lied so pls died and these kids are having incredible ride
you think think it all but you dont know me but see im more just spelling bee you wanna be real carbut the pictures digree at the girls night out your a cool bro diaperbut im pretty cool too
but infact im just a great babysitter than you
youre right shes smart and i do follow the rules
i will work really hard and i care about school
but theres time for fun for go concrete but ima real art and body say cheese

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