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swift – eye for eye 2 lyrics


[verse: swift]

put on hand on my friend, i send two men to your mummy’s
think you can phone for a bens, ha ha funny
man got cats like benz
who’s that? that’s benz punarny
man just robbed the connect, now man’s feeling pluggy
make gyal say “ah ah” wait let me get comfy
walking round your ends like everyting lovely
bow, bow, bow
make man jump fence like bunnies
blowing out, come back i warn say sutten
you talk much with your mouth, i put in work with my cousin
man down, anytime man rise up sutten
that’s a trap house, bro’s selling hmm hmm in sutten
check the background, everyone round me on sutten
pack, that’s pacquiao
what you saying? you want sutten?
brap, that’s a matic round
let it rain, run away, wet up your cousin
big mash like a car, man have to clutch it
splash, splash, splash
wet like the gyal that i’m f-cking
uckface wanna spend the night but i ain’t no ediat
sidemen on the other side, them man are policemen
he gon’ know eye for an eye when the mandem see him
no hi, no bye, just boom bang from the 2 litres
i bring your gyal round, she’s going down like the dm’s
if i do a p-ss i be quick cause she’s probably teefing
when i get a brick i make zips, then i go and make dealings
walk with the thing, i am not any human being
man brang a brick it was sh-t, man should teef it
man just flex, gyal wanna press she gotta be decent
hat hat, mash mash, handbrake leaking
man’a get bread, man’a get cheques, man’a just eating
them man are so dead, them man are so stressed, man are just preeing
gyal ain’t so peng, see her in the ends, she was half decent
chilling with skets, you know they got blem, man do weeded
shh, shh, be quite when the mandem speaking
fill up the hammer cause man ain’t eaten
see me with wa wa? bet you didn’t see him
need a rihanna to work this evening
got lady gaga and i sold it to steven
sold too much pack out to be in the t still dealing
i know too much slappas to be lonely on the weekend
this gyal ah badders, way badder than you ediats
i know so much trappers, all now the drought, i ain’t seen it
got so much hammers, bro smoked he’s self, he’s a ediat
dodged so much cameras, now man’s man big screening
made so much bangers, all now man ain’t released them
feel to let them all right now, make it inconvenient
gyal give me mouth, eyes closed but man’a man’s peeping
man can make her drown
if i send her text she gon’ get wet, so man’a man’s leaving
old school like gipset, ain’t lying about beating

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