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swizzz – extra lyrics

[verse 1
been loyal when its un-deserved but never loyal to a [?]
the reason why i’m moving now is the reason why you’re stuck in [?]
the label split and got dissolved when i was out and un-involved
its truly sad but life goes on time will surely right the wrong same goal different path, new team better staff
opinions try to break you but people don’t the the f-cking half
i ain’t mad i keep it cool
judge me by the why i move better yet the way i swing swizzzle fish now let me geek
seat up from my feet up touch my family you’ll get beat up hit pp up for the re-up
withdraw 50 for the meet up, sweet sativa when i tree up [?] all organic when i eat up in the play ups i’m gone sweep up every mother f-cking [?]
sh-t im rapping till i’m weary skip subliminals to diss if i don’t like you you gone hear me
won’t confuse, i speak it clearly i don’t wish for you to fear me but the light i shine threatens every delusion you hold dearly
so i’m prepping for whatever hear the p-ssion in my effort
had to take some time to heal, rebuild, revive my network
see unity is needed for we movement we gone sheppard
sh-t rap is merely a checkpoint while i’m here i’m going (extra) vision big, heart heavy growing everyday
what up danny every text you send gets strength and find a way
motivation pays this is for the words i failed to say
i’m in debt for your belief in me and sh-ts about to change
this ain’t work this play [?] detective, open the murder case no trace
you really fell off and lost touch with your base now its time to get replaced you sweeter than [?]
i’ma satisfy your needs. see, my service can’t be matched cos what we offers to unique
not respondent when we speak let it p-ss inhale deep
you can’t save them for themselves just wish them well and let it be
this is meant to be i do this in my sleep, confide in triple z, these punchlines h-t like triple g
i eat the beat, defeat the street, deceit and reach [?] (yaaaaa)
the moments growing closer
i used to yearn for closure
had to let go to get over, sorry about my confidence and competence to do this right
plus i feel the burn [?] right here behind this mic

- swizzz lyrics

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