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symba – d.o.a. lyrics

four door pandamera, n-gg-r, that’s my next car,
tell in, i treat the chevy pedal like a tesla.
feeling like i’m money rich, i ain’t make a crip today,
looking like the sh-t and i ain’t even take a sh-t today.
got these n-gg-r p-ssed off, i ain’t even p-ssed today.
working like i’m still the same, …
n-gg-rs say they know me, but they is never homies.
only rocked with me when i had it rolling.
got a ship on my shoulder, that’s just to keep me focused.
you say you want me to tell my story, well, listen closer:
looking for closure, and this weed is mimosa.
never lifted up to my mamma, standing to be …
i’m so purple, i’m loco, so social, don’t loose the vocal
i’ve got so much dough out the postal,
i’m shopping, don’t look at totals.

just keep it real!
you know you’ll never be on my level!
just to break the revolution, we embellish you with never.
never look in the self, put some work on my schedule.
i be waiting on your call,
getting faced like a freckled.
i’mma a cold, lick smelling, my big bro ain’t feelin’ me,
we got sixteen days and it’s back to the shuttle.
n-gg-r’s mad they ain’t eating, licking saltiest pepper,
talking beef, burning paper with his drill like a rebel.
i be riding in my wips, spitting ash out the tray.
when your -ss gets spilled, i put your ash on the plate.
when smoking, i was focused, that was back in the day,
still focused, just high and captivating my cake.
i will argue with my mamma, and then i hit the killer, right then, mamma, i knew i was gonna be the n-gg-r.
started living with shorty, put me back in position.
got from under my mamma and back on top of my mission.
can’t take the heat, get the f-ck out the kitchen!
y’all n-gg-rs’s frowning, you gonna change our rhythm.
yeah, that’s a rollie, but that’s my f-cking ticket,
flow so real like a belly spill fiction.

i said the game’s all f-cked up,
you can’t even be yourself.
they want you to see you so,
you can’t even see yourself.
they think i ain’t ready,
i’mma rap my way up of the shelf.
i’m ready to brawl with whomever they say got the belt.
i grew up with some money,
material sh-t was nothing
my fame with this had nothing,
you see, this sh-t we running.
that’t why i go wherever and be looking for the best,
did you think that’s a threat?
this sh-t you’ll never respect!

i be digging, for the dough,
and if i’m not getting paper
then they’ll just leave me to the chase.
people like me is too motivated for waiting.
i’m o.j., n-gg-r, if it’s mine, i’mma take it!
respect what we done and i respect what you’re saying.
it’s the last day, if you ain’t playing me, then you played.
they say i’m too much, then tell me i ain’t enough,
but i wanna tell you that we no longer give a f-ck!
been sh-tting on these n-gg-rs since i was coming up,
i was 14 and insane,
i was 16 in a truck,
i was 18 in a prima,
i was 20 in your b-tch,
went broke and now i’m 22 and back to get rich.
ain’t no maintaining n-gg-rs who can switch their location,
you touch that paper, it a debt to the situation.
took my mind off everything but my destination.
’cause all that sh-t in between will …

- symba lyrics

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