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tahj keeton – gunder lyrics


chip on my shoulder
i just hope that its spicy
holy beholder i just hope that he like me
u think u burnt
well b-tch i just got ignited
the burning fire get a n-gg- excited

verse 1:
i did not ask for yo -ssistance my n-gg-
my freedom based
on when im richer my n-gg-
a f-cking castle
wit my pictures my n-gg-
not invited
im sorry i just don’t f-ck witchu my n-gg-

yo life was warm
i just had winters my n-gg-

that laughed at us like every christmas my n-gg-
now we winning
and frankly i dont wanna kick it my n-gg-

my pastor told me find god
where the mirror at
and when i look
i can’t see sh-t thats just as clear as that
these n-gg-s old, these n-gg-s broke, these n-gg-s artifacts
they sh-t so trash
i dont consider
they sh-t art in fact

b-tches used come to hit me with the backhand sh-t
like youd be cute
its just that ur the f-cking gap tooth kid
like yeah u funny
sweet as honey
but u won’t be sh-t
i bet them hoes remember me
my n-gg-
suck my d-ck


is you ready to die
is you ready to die


verse 2:
b-tch i was balling
fo’ i dropped my b-lls
been f-ck how you feel before
i wore my draws
f-ck with theese n-gg-s
n-gg- not at all
letting it ring
when n-gg-s tryna call
know that im lit
get the f-ck off my dog
she been going through withdrawals
claustrophobic in a walls
and pull it for i make a mom

im on some joan of arc sh-t
on some joan of arc sh-t
save em from the moshpit
b-tch its tahj its all hits

on some viscous dog sh-t
bite instead of bark sh-t
save em from the moshpit
save em from the moshpit


and its f-ck that
n-gg- gotta bounce back
n-gg- said its f-ck that
p-ssy n-gg- wont clap
n-gg- had to bounce back
n-gg- been-
f-ck that
n-gg- had to bounce back
p-ssy n-gg- bounce back