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talib kweli – 2000 seasons lyrics


talib kweli:

yeah hi tek…

whom do we aspire to reflect on peoples death
who’s entertainment shall we sing our agony
of our hopes
that the destroyers aspiring to extinguish us will suddenly
suffer remorse at the sight of their own fantastic success?

the last imbecile to dream that dream is dead
he was killed by the saviors of his own dream
our movement

talib kweli-verse 1

im not a human being into no spirtual sh-t,
a spiritual being manifested as a humanthat’s it
when i spit i spray thoughts that’s representing my life
yo i step into the spot leave n-gg-s open like mics
take on em on a tour
explore psychologies of war
things you can’t imagine if you’ve never seen em before
shorties come back raw
straight out the c- 74
i welcome them back to the worldthey think is run by laws
the world is run by men who use laws for tools
i come thru war tactics like shaka zulu
mcs is soft like play-doh
i shape ’em
smash em to pieces
volunteer slaves crave the words i’m painting
the masterpieces
you hear em on the radio babbling
but the truth is traveling with the word
as they’re flying through the air like a javelin
unraveling like a verdict
poundit in your chest like a gavel in the highest court
in bablyon, let’s travel on
if the world is foul, andyou think foul is how you got to live
then from the get your -ss was foul
and foul just is how you is
no excuses see, life’s dilemas are set up like a mirror
just to show you all your faces
nowyour clearer understanding is clearer
you had your chance for revolution
you let it p-ss you by
that’s why i’m dissing wack mc’s till the day that i die
reflection getting you high
we stand our ground with the believers
the leaning tower of pisa and the pyramids of giza
no comparison
the way i flip it is embar-ssing
tis the season
ain’t no caroling

verse 2
all knowing
flowing like spring water in the desert
balling through the barren land
where n-gg-s take a stand, like castles made of sand
free falling
for anything
nothing but a plan to fail for they selves
no sense of delf, needed daily affirmations of self help
yo it’s right in front of yo grill stop looking everywhere else
speaking of planning,
hustling and scheming
looking for hookups
took up too much time
like a fiend for rocks that got cooked up
god bless the child that got his own sh-t
i got my team’s
so the fiends now become opponents
they the opposition
stronger from compet-tion
shining like a golden shower, your face i’m p-ssing in
completing a genocide mission like
the warren commission
like fathers was supposed to be missing
while our sisters were supposed to be whoring
save it for a rainy day, money is pouring
under grey clouds, black b-tterflys still be soaring
flying in frienldy skies
we cl-ssifying the highs
blood be flowing in the streets like crimson tide in my eyes
tye be having me drowsy
but i get mellow with the chronic
intellectuals embarrased cause we discussing ebonics
i’m on a roll like sonic
in an age that the plague got bubonic proportions
yo i call it reparations, but they call it extortion
just give me mine
but caution
you’ve been warned for the very last time
i’m not telling you again
so relay it to your crew
you gotta actuallyto do
forget the drive in, driveby and drive through
you’ve got to
get out the car
humble yourself
tilt your head back, and look at the stars
shining over someplace very far, from where you standing
when the night is clear
you understanding just who put them there
what you know about the sp-ce you get lost in
your peoples can’t hear you in the distortion
the desert is absorption
and you sucked and you stuck off american freezing for like
2000 seasons
upon your return from raping and crossbreeding
your own people accuse you of deceiving and misleading
causing m-ss confusion. drug abusing
now you all caught up ininst-tutions
at this time you’ve got to break it down and be showing and proving
an a&r told me that i use to many catch phrases
true i’m trying to catch all my people in all different stages all
different phases

it’s like that y’all…